Technical Assistance

Radio Beacons Reviews

Spanish regulations, within the framework of community regulations, require that several types of revisions be carried out on COSPAS SARSAT radio beacons for the location of claims. Additionally, in the case of fishing vessels, radio beacons are required to incorporate a GPS device, allowing it to transmit its position with greater precision, something very useful when locating an accident.

Annual Reviews:

Each year these devices should be checked according to the guide specified in the IMO MSC 1040 circular

Every two years:

The hydrostatic release device must be replaced.

Every four years:

The corresponding battery must be replaced and an integral maintenance of the radio beacon (SHORE BASED MAINTENANCE) must be carried out in accordance with the specifications described in the IMO MSC 1090 circular.

To carry out these works, the manufacturer must have the corresponding approval and be in possession of the corresponding technical training courses taught by him.

Vest Reviews

Our company is approved to review the vests for mandatory use on fishing boats. We have the necessary facilities for the correct verification, both of the vests and of the personal radio beacons, guaranteeing their safety on board.

  • Inflation check control
  • Temperature control
  • Gas bottle review
  • Salt Rings Review

Battery Check

  • Consumption control in all possible states: rest, armed or transmission
  • Checking modulation rates and radiated power levels